Choosing the Best SEO Hosting for Your Website

SEO friendly hosting (search engine optimization) is a new term which has recently appeared in the field of web hosting. SEO hosting is different from regular hosting that we used to hear in the website hosting world. Although both refer to hosting websites through web hosting companies, SEO hosting can mean increasing visitors’ access to these websites on the Internet. […]

SEO on a small budget

There are many aspects of marketing that did not exist at one time. Digital marketing and technology is the new face of running a business. For many startups and small businesses, this can seem quite daunting. There is also the fear of not having enough knowledge and not being able to afford professional help, advertising, etc. The good news is […]

Internet Audit Effectiveness – Data Analytics Strategy

Price-PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC) issues its State of Internal Audit Professional Study Report annually. The most recent report focused on the differences that exist between “observers,” “followers,” and “evolvers”. Internal audit data analytics strategy According to the study, organizations that embrace technology and incorporate it into their strategic plans often have better internal audit results. What is avolver? Avolvers are defined by […]

How online fraudsters use real, stolen personal data

One of the biggest challenges we are facing online fraud right now is because it is so prevalent and no one is safe. Online fraud is where criminals use unwanted messages, emails, or websites to access people’s information. Tactics being used by online fraudsters are very dangerous and keep changing but their particular patterns for tracking. It is becoming increasingly […]