London, April 15, 2019 ( – Hirefester launched the first portal to provide 5-year real-time reference checks and onboarding. Founder and Chief Executive Officer: Sarah Stetman spends over 20yrs in financial services (front office, analytics, risk, governance and regulatory compliance), known for stringent onboarding criteria.

It was during his time contracting that he noted several important pre-employment screening issues:

The recruiter tells sensitive data (ID / address proof) to send the same sensitive data in plain text e-mail and e-mail, leaving the data subject for a cyber attack
Candidates may face unpaid waiting for prepayment of the week
Candidates repeat the form for each supplier in the chain (recruiter, consultancy, end-client), which does not promote engagement
The recruitment approach is a manual check which can take 4-8 hours per candidate and delay in start dates increases the cost per hire.

HireFaster: Key Features

5-year real-time reference checking and document onboarding
Company email checks and fraud risk mitigation
Key-based two-factor authentication (2-FA) and sensitive data encryption
Strict Permissions, Access Control and Governance
User friendly dashboard with no integration required
Complete audit trail and management report
HireFaster: Key Benefits
Quick recruitment and significantly lower cost per hire
Superior Authentication, Access Control, Permissions and Risk Governance
Frigate fraud risk
Highlighted data privacy
A secure cloud solution for sharing sensitive information
HireFaster on YouTube

HireFaster Achievements and Reviews

The pre-launch Hirefester earned the “Newcomer of the Year 2019 Award” from online recruitment resource, Honorac, as well as two prestigious awards from a prestigious Technology Review Platform: 2019 Premium Usability Award and 2019 Rising Star Award.

FinanceOnline awarded an overall review score of 8/10 in the Top 20 Talent Management Software, ranked Hirefesters and, according to their SaaS review experts, “Hirefesters accelerate reference checks, reduce cost per hire, in organization earnings Improves and increases ROI. ”

IT managed services are flexible and scalable

Do you just need special support to go to the cloud? Or do you just need 24/7 technical support or access to the helpdesk? Perhaps this time all of you will get help in data back up and recovery.

If you have specific IT support requirements, you can choose only what you need. Providers of managed IT services are, after all, flexible, so you can only choose the services you need. For more information on how a team of IT experts can help you, you can check this website.

Keep your business out of the headlines related to cyber crime

Keep in mind that about six out of 10 cyber attacks target small businesses. The last thing you want is for your own firm to finish the data part. Not only will you lose credibility if you do – you are very likely to suffer legal consequences as well.

Therefore, now, consider investing in IT managed services as soon as possible! In this way, you can keep your company away from the stinging eyes and fingers of cyber criminals. In addition, you focus on doing exactly the way you started your business.

Are you looking for a software that helps you manage your videos in HD and 4K in an easy and efficient way? Perfect for editing, converting, resizing and adjusting your YouTube 4K video content.

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Digiarty VideoProc: General Overview

When you discover the easiest way to cut a video, you need software that makes this operation as fast and simple as possible. VideoProc, Digiarty’s latest video processing and editing software, allows you to cut videos, trim videos, resize videos, and so on.

VideoProc accepts almost all multimedia files, including 4K, 8K and 3D video, high-speed and slow-motion GoPro recording, iPhone and other devices.

In addition, Intel takes full advantage of its PC’s resources using QSV, Nvidia CUDA / NVENC and AMD hardware, allowing video to be encoded and decoded in an instant.

After downloading, installing it and activating it, VideoPro will scan a sort of quick system and analyze its “potential”. In short: it will tell you what your PC is capable of with the available hardware.

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