HireFaster launched the first portal providing 5yrs real-time

London, April 15, 2019 (Jariwarta.com) – Hirefester launched the first portal to provide 5-year real-time reference checks and onboarding. Founder and Chief Executive Officer: Sarah Stetman spends over 20yrs in financial services (front office, analytics, risk, governance and regulatory compliance), known for stringent onboarding criteria. It was during his time contracting that he noted several important pre-employment screening issues: The […]

Tips to find the best SEO company to work with

As a business owner, you want your branding to be known to a wider range of audiences so that you have a higher chance of getting more customers to grow your business. One way to boost your marketing is to rank your website well in search engine page results. Get referrals from your network This is probably the first thing […]

Internet Audit Effectiveness – Data Analytics Strategy

Price-PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC) issues its State of Internal Audit Professional Study Report annually. The most recent report focused on the differences that exist between “observers,” “followers,” and “evolvers”. Internal audit data analytics strategy According to the study, organizations that embrace technology and incorporate it into their strategic plans often have better internal audit results. What is avolver? Avolvers are defined by […]

Free Bootstrap Templates That Inspire Anyone

Open-source development is a popular method of development collaboration that involves allowing others to use and share source code. It is effective for community collaboration, as developers provide creative creativity and contribution to projects. Bootstrap is one of those projects, and while it provides an excellent framework, it requires more development in terms of front end organization and design. Creating […]

How to secure bitcoin transactions

Bitcoin is a type of cryptocurrency that is used all over the world. Bitcoin is famous and known for being safe and anonymous. There are hidden sources in transactions carried out through the use of bitcoins. In the beginning, many people used bitcoins to conduct their transactions because they considered bitcoin to be safe, but in reality, bitcoin is not […]

How online fraudsters use real, stolen personal data

One of the biggest challenges we are facing online fraud right now is because it is so prevalent and no one is safe. Online fraud is where criminals use unwanted messages, emails, or websites to access people’s information. Tactics being used by online fraudsters are very dangerous and keep changing but their particular patterns for tracking. It is becoming increasingly […]

How to use printed catalogs for sale online in 2019

Until recently, catalogs were primarily preferred as the primary source of advertising for brands. However, digitization has changed all that. Online trend is used prominently for marketing in our present day and age. But, one thing that most marketers fail to realize is that catalogs still hold a market place and are as important as ever. The purpose of every […]

How to hide my IP address using a VPN

In today’s connected world, security is a major concern. As you connect to the Internet using your smartphone or PC, you become a target for hackers, viruses, malicious programs and various new threats, which appear with each passing day. At the same time, the information you receive and send can be interlinked, read and changed. Standard security solutions such as […]